I’m currently sitting here thinking about the amount of work that actors do.  Not just acting- but educating themselves, supporting themselves, networking, reading, observing, stressing (yup- you all know what I mean.  That “stare at your phone after a callback” for hours on end).

    My husband wrote a Fringe Show that we will be performing at the Theatre Garage in early August and I think until now, watching his process, I never quite understood the painstaking labor that is the art of playwriting.

    It’s so easy and lovely to get a script that is full of possibilities, intention, purpose, messages and overarching themes that actors die for.  But WRITING something that full and lush? Holy Crap!  I’ll probably write a little more about the show in the next post but…let’s move on!

    I want to introduce Brianna Carter!  Brianna is a local theatre actress who, I have to say, was probably one of the easiest people to photograph. Ever.  We were done getting her “money shot” in like 15 min so we had time to play with a few other options.  She said it’s because she takes a lot of selfies.  Note to self- make clients take a ridiculous amount of selfies to practice so they are all as awesome.

    Brianna is also one of the first headshots I shot in my new studio!  You’ll notice that her images are soft and bright with perfect glowiness. (no, that is not an official photography word…). LOVE the light in my studio!

    She was just finishing up her first show here in the Twin Cities at Lakeshore Players Theatre.  She’s so present and engaged…I know she’s gonna be doing more great things!


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